Foundation Statistics

Collection of Data

Topic Notes
Describing Data CIMT notes, revision card
Grouping Data CIMT notes
Primary & Secondary data CIMT notes
Random Sampling
Non-random sampling S1 notes exam questions
Stratified Sampling exam questions
Collection of data
Questionnaires and interviews exam questions  questions / answers
Problems with collected data
Controlling extraneous variables
Hypotheses exam questions
Designing Investigations

Processsing and representing data

Topic Notes
Two-way tables
Pictograms CIMT notes
Bar Charts
Stem and Leaf diagrams
Pie Charts
Population Pyramids CIMT notes
Choropleth maps CIMT notes
Histograms and frequency polygons worksheet video 1
Cumulative frequency charts CIMT notes worksheet
Shape of a distribution
Misleading diagrams


Summarising data

Topic Notes
Averages from frequency tables
Averages from grouped data
Transforming data
Measures of dispersion for discrete data
Measures of dispersion for grouped data
Box plots and outliers CIMT notes
Deciding which average to use
Comparing data sets
Making Estimates

Scatter diagrams and correlation

Topic Notes
Scatter Diagrams CIMT notes
Correlation CIMT notes
Causal relationships
Line of best fit CIMT notes
Interpolation and Extrapolation CIMT notes

Time series

Topic Notes
Line graphs and time series folder
Trend lines
Variations in a time series
Moving averages


Topic Notes
CIMT notes exam questions general questions
Experimental probability
Using probability to assess risk
Sample space diagrams
Venn diagrams
Mutually exclusive and exhaustive events
Independent events
Tree diagrams
Conditional probability Dr Frost PPT   worksheet
The formula for conditional probability

Index Numbers

Topic Notes
Index numbers CIMT notes
Rates of change CIMT notes