FSMQ – Additional Maths

Books that may be helpful


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Book Chapters

Section 1 Algebra
Topic    Resources folder   Video link
1 Algebraic manipulation
2 Polynomials, functions and equations  
3 Applications of equations and inequalities in one variable  
4 Sequences and recurrence relationships  
Section 2 Co-ordinate Geometry
Topic    Resources folder   Video link
5 Points, lines and circles
6 Graphs  
7 Linear Equations in 2 Variables  
Section 3 Trigonometry
Topic    Resources folder   Video link
8 Trigonometric functions
9 Applications of Trigonometry  
Section 4 Selections
Topic    Resources folder   Video link
10  Permutations and combinations
11 The binomial distribution  
Section 5 Powers and Iteration
Topic    Resources folder   Video link
12 Exponentials and logarithms
13 Numerical methods  
Section 6 Calculus
Topic    Resources folder   Video link
14 Differentiation
15 Integration  
16 Applications to kinematics